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(L to R) Mattius "Scünt" Holmy, Greg Wharmby, Todd Ciavarella, Dee Generate, John Darga

By popular demand, Scünt formed in Boston in 1988. Founding members Holmy and Generate (both formerly of The Creeps), were soon joined by Darga (Wrecking Crew), ace bassist Whormby and screaming sensation Ciavarella. Ciavarella replaced original singer, and Henry Rollins look-a-like, Adrian, who was later struck by a car (for a second time, RIP).

Boston was in dire need of an energetic and sexy punk rock band, something the Scünt members achieved through attitude, style and debauchery. Adored by fans, musicians, record execs and especially the ladies, the band existed for one year, played one show (The Rat), and then was gone. But a Scünt fan's love never dies.

A second show was scheduled with Poison Idea at Green St Station, but was cancelled due to the shenanigan's of GG Allin. That show was to be the premier of Scünt's long awaited "Underaged Girls Drink For Free" promotion. A certain success, no doubt.

Some say Scünt disbanded due to Mattius "Scünt" Holmy's broken hand, others say Dee Generate's pursuit of rock-n-roll stardom, and still others say John Darga's foray into the male gigolo profession. It's most probable that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. But no one will ever truly know.

Scünt was, and always will be:

  • Todd Ciavarella - Vocals
  • Dee Generate - Guitar
  • John Darga - Guitar
  • Mattius "Scünt" Holmy - Drums
  • Greg Wharmby - Bass

The following was recorded live on a boom box in Boston's Fenway neighborhood, in a stank rehearsal studio shared with Wrecking Crew and Something Strange (Darga's other bands). The eleven songs showcase the pure energy of Boston's favorite punk hardcore band of the late 80's - Scünt.

All songs written and © 1988 by Scünt. Don't steal them or we'll steal your beer and your girlfriend.

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