Music - The Creeps

The Creeps

(L to R) Eric, Rusty Nails, Dee Hydrated, Matt "Lockjaw" Holmy

The Creeps formed in Boston in 1986 at a Black Flag show at Brandeis University. In 1987, the band put out a 7" record with four songs. On the flipside of that record were another band called The Angry Kids. A tour of the south (to New Orleans and back) followed. The Creeps played a considerable amount of shows in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Some highlights include opening for GBH and The Accused (in Birmingham, AL), The Exploited (in Connecticut), and BL'AST! (in New Orleans, LA).

The band disssolved in 1988, with a final show at TT the Bears in Cambridge, MA. Holmy and Hydrated would go on to form Scünt, Nails moved on to be a film director, Eric to the military, and Gordon to Lower Allston.

The Creeps were:

  • Rusty Nails - Vocals
  • Dee Hydrated - Guitar
  • Matt Holmy (a.k.a. Lockjaw) - Drums
  • Eric - Bass (1986)
  • Gordon - Bass (1987-88)

The following songs (including crowd favorite "On TV") were recorded with Mr. Beautiful at a forgotten recording studio on Albany Street in Boston in 1987. All songs written and © 1987 by The Creeps.